Dear «First Name»,

Did you see my email yesterday announcing Tarbell, a new innovation journalism and multimedia platform.

Tarbell is named in honor of Ida Tarbell, who was a Gilded Age reporter often credited with founding investigative journalism. She took on the corporate titans of her day and inspired many “muckraking” journalists. And she’s inspired me.

Tarbell will be: Independent, nonprofit, digital, aggressive — and largely funded by readers like you.

It will report on the sectors where moneyed interests can make the most mischief, from health care and the food and beverage industries to energy, technology and financial services companies.

To learn more, please visit our website: There, you can sign up for updates about the project. And if you would like to read the email I shared with my email followers yesterday, please click here.

A final thought

Perhaps you feel, as I do, that this moment in our nation’s history requires decisive action.

For me, that action is producing the kind of truth-telling, hard-hitting journalism that holds the big guys accountable, coupled with solutions journalism that helps the rest of us become more informed — and engaged — citizens. That’s what I’ve committed to at this moment in my life.

Thank you. Please contact me anytime at

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